• Culture
    · Monday to Friday
    · Holidays and public holidays
    Company philosophy:
    innovation, quality,high-end
    The image of the company:
    quality, detail, OEM,processing
    Company values:
    Detail decides success or failure
    , attitude determines value
    =100% error 1% failure details
    Quality from every details of the
    1 management is staring out, skill comes from practice, approach is to come out, the potential is forced out.
    2 is not no way, but did not think hard way; there must be a way, sooner or later.
    3 to elaborate details, details not so rough
    4 do not meet customer satisfaction, to the pursuit of customer touched, create customer lifetime value
    5 ask questions don't consult with questions, take the program instructions. Report on the work don't critical report, report to the declarative
    6 responsible, can bear heavy responsibility
    7 day three things: must do, should do, can do.
    All 8 major achievements were like the little things do fine do through
    9 success often change method without changing the target, the loser often change the target without changing method
    10 details determine success or failure

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    The staff dinner

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